Summer Hair, Don't Care

Summer, a time when the humidity is approximately 1000% most of the time and sweating is a daily occurrence #moist. This summer, I have really tried to alter my hair care routine (allegedly it's bad to wash your hair every day), and here's what I have been doing. Sidenote: how do low/no-poo people deal with sweat? As someone that runs everyday and sweats profusely into my french braid, do you just let that dry? Isn't the salt bad for your hair? And when I bike I always wear a helmet and there's always a sweaty mess under y'all just not work out? If you're a low/no-poo person, leave a comment below, I really want to know how you deal with this.

The routine:

  • I wash my hair every other day in the summer (provided my hair is not really gross/greasy looking from exercise-induced sweat residue).
  • I use sulfate/paraben free/organic shampoo & conditioner (there's a grocery outlet nearby that often has fantastic sales on liquidation products, I literally bought 16 bottles of OGX shampoo and conditioner because they were $1.25/bottle and that shit doesn't go bad, ever) and let my hair air-dry. My hair is fairly humidity friendly and I don't do much to tame it.
  • When I run, I always french braid my hair in one braid. I like to tell myself this helps prevent ponytail induced hair breakage, but in reality, I LOATHE the sway of a ponytail and HATE the bounce of a bun. Plus, with one braid there's no part, so no risk of scalp sunburn.
  • When I get back from my run I unbraid the bottom, and twist it into a high bun. The front is still braided, so I think it looks kind of fancy, well fancy enough for any of my summer activities/tasks/work.
  • If it's a day that I don't plan on washing my hair (I washed it the day before and it's not soaking wet from sweat), I either spray in some leave in conditioner before bed (to freshen it up/add a good smell) or apply some argan oil to the ends (but not too much, becuase #greasy).
    • If I have to interact with important people/people who's opinions about my appearance matter (boss/clients/friends/lovers), I will spray in some dry shampoo if it's needed. In the wintertime, a few years ago, it was too cold to wash my hair and have wet hair, so I got really into dry shampoo. The air was very dry at the time, and my hair got very static-y, and I got dandruff. I tried to get rid of the dandruff with head & shoulders, but that didn't work. I ended up switching to all sulfate/chemical-free shampoos & conditioners and didn't use dry shampoo for a while. Those were dark days. Now, it's better, but I'm always extra careful. Plus, if you use too much dry shampoo you can get buildup at the root and think it's dandruff (mine actually was). Again, I get these products at a grocery outlet so they're hella cheap (do people still say hella?).
  • If I've been swimming in a body of water, there's a 50% chance all of this gets thrown to the wind and I don't wash my hair at all, fully embracing the salty waves.

My summer hair care routine is lower maintenance than a love fern. Everyone else is feeling gross and dealing with greasy hair themselves, so they're not going to take the time to even care about what you're doing with your hair. Thinking about sweating > thinking about the state of other people's hair. And if all else fails, dry shampoo (but not for too many days in a row!).