How to Trick Yourself into Waking Up Early on Weekends to Go on a Run

I'm not a morning person. I own it completely. And I love sleeping in on the weekends, that's the whole reason for Sundays. However, in the summertime, when days reach the high 90s, it becomes impossible to run at 3pm on a Sunday (or if I do, I curse myself the whole time for not running before the hottest time of the day). So, I've learned some handy tricks and sneaky ways to make it easier for a late-sleeper to rise early to crush those miles before the heat becomes unbearable.

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before. Bonus if you have super cute clothes you're excited to wear.
  2. Check the weather. If it is a rare day that gets cooler or less humid as the day progresses, you don't need to get up early #blessed.
  3. Set your alarm 30 minutes before you want to leave. This allows for ample snooze time. I need 15 minutes to convince myself that waking up at the crack of dawn is better than the alternative.
  4. Eat something! I normally have a handful of raw almonds or half of a banana with peanut butter. Sometimes I remember to freeze my bananas and have nice cream for "pre-workout."
  5. Drink at least 1 full glass of water.
  6. I like to give myself 15 minutes to get ready to run (eat/drink water) which normally wakes up my digestive system #everybodypoops #especiallyrunners.
  7. Head out for your run!

I normally resist the weekend summer runs for a little, but after a few days of very sweaty, unpleasant running mid-day/evening, I realize that I'd much rather wake up early. Plus, I make very well-informed breakfast decisions when I get home (thinking about meals really helps the miles pass), and I love the feeling of accomplishment (especially at 10:00am when I'm normally still in bed).

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks in the comments below!