Living for the Likes

This past weekend, I attended a larger-scale concert. I was visiting friends in an urban area, and a friend of a friend happened upon some free tickets to a band that I did not hate, but wouldn't have shelled out $35 to go see (I'm not intentionally being cagey about the details, but the band and city are irrelevant, let's not focus on that). The crowd was a mixed bag of suburban yuppies in the city for a night on the town, their young children, wealthy hippies past their prime surreptitiously smoking pot, their young children, twentysomething hipsters that hadn't realized they've already sold out, and me.

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How to Trick Yourself into Waking Up Early on Weekends to Go on a Run

I'm not a morning person. I own it completely. And I love sleeping in on the weekends, that's the whole reason for Sundays. However, in the summertime, when days reach the high 90s, it becomes impossible to run at 3pm on a Sunday (or if I do, I curse myself the whole time for not running before the hottest time of the day). So, I've learned some handy tricks and sneaky ways to make it easier for a late-sleeper to rise early to crush those miles before the heat becomes unbearable.

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Protein Packed Power Muffins

My mom wanted to up her protein intake, specifically at breakfast. She was tired of cottage cheese and greek yogurt. She wanted something easy to eat on-the-go, but didn't want to sacrifice her protein needs and eat empty, sugary calories found in most muffins. As she belongs to one of the groups at risk for protein deficiency (here), I bought her some Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix and had planned on baking her their muffins (recipe on the back of the box), but the recipe included brown sugar, butter, and banana (my only breakfast rule is to keep the sugar intake as low as possible), overall not that healthy (especially when the boxed mix already has added sugar). So, I set out to make something better, and I definitely succeeded.

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Hello, interweb!

Hi, I'm Greta and I write (obviously). I do other things too: running, yoga, contemplating existence, traveling, cooking, attempting to take stylish photos of my food before my lack of self control kicks in and I eat it all in one bite, biking, trying to chip away at the American Dream, gym-going, lifting things and putting them back down, consuming oxygen and creating carbon dioxide...I'm basically your average basic millennial blogger (only, until now, without the blog). So here I am, writing about doing things, unfettered and unfiltered, digitally creating "morning pages," because apparently that's A Thing writers are supposed to do...